Garrison Keillor Reads My Poem “Summer Ending” on The Writer’s Almanac (17 November 2013)


A poet friend emailed me this morning to say that Garrison Keillor had posted and read aloud my poem “Summer Ending” from my new book of verse The Fiddler of Driskill Hill (LSU Press, 2013). I had no idea in advance about this. I was told that Mr. Keillor chooses himself the poems he likes for reading and posting.

This unexpected good news touches upon a topic that I plan to write about in a later posting: the role of patience in one’s career as a poet.

For today, I’ll just share the link below to Mr. Keillor’s site. His resonant voice suits very well the poem of mine that he selected to read. The subject of the poem is a universal one that poets have written about over the ages: the mystery of time, change, and death.

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