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Incarnation — from The Nativity to The Last Supper — and the Poet’s Gift

       Both at Christmas (The Nativity) and on Good Friday (before Easter Sunday) we celebrate the Word made Flesh when God became Man in Bethlehem and when Christ instituted the sacrament of The Last Supper in Jerusalem. Many … Continue reading

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Where a Poem Can Come From

     An earlier posting addressed the question of how to know when a poem is finished. How about where a poem can come from?      Beginning poets often go in one or both of two directions: (1) purely … Continue reading

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The Seven Virtues [poem]

My poem below briefly characterizes four Classical virtues followed by the three cardinal Christian ones. An “8th virtue,” Courtesy, which might be called Good Manners as Good Morals ritualized, is sometimes added to this list.  I would hope that we might all … Continue reading

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