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Probing the Lines: Breaking Through into the Poem

The title of this posting is taken from the military — perhaps appropriately so on this Memorial Day weekend. When two armies face one another, especially if they are both entrenched, reconnoiterers and skirmishers may advance to try to determine … Continue reading

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Of the ‘Made-Up’ and the ‘Real’ and ‘True’ in a Poem: The Obligation and Responsibility of the Poet

Poets sometimes┬ámake up the elements of a poem, including characters. Other times, they use real people they know or have read about or heard of. Even then, however, the ‘real’ character is changed by what Coleridge called “the shaping spirit … Continue reading

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The ‘World’ of the Poem

Whenever I begin to write a poem I seem to start ‘outside’ with ideas, jotted words and phrases, possible titles, epitaphs, etc. At some point, the mediative brooding before the blank page or screen ‘carries’ me into what I would … Continue reading

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