About David Middleton

Dr. David Middleton Headshot

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, David Middleton served as professor of English, Poet-in-Residence, Distinguished Service Professor, Alcee Fortier Distinguished Professor, and head of the Department of Languages and Literature at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Currently professor emeritus of English at Nicholls, he lives in Thibodaux with his wife, Francine. He has one grown child, a daughter, Anna Marie Middleton Conrad.

– See more at: http://lsupress.org/books/detail/fiddler-of-driskill-hill/#sthash.loBHTZqb.dpuf


2 Responses to About David Middleton

  1. I recently purchased and read The Fiddler of Driskill Hill, and I’ve also read some of Mr. Middleton’s poetry in Chronicles magazine. Thank you for emphasizing poetic traditions and a cultural sense of place. I especially laughed aloud through “Parishioners.” Is there any chance that Mr. Middleton would be interested, in the near future, in sharing his literary knowledge and reading some of his works to a few poetically challenged New Jersey students through a brief (45 minutes or so) Skype hookup? Would it be possible for me to receive Mr. Middleton’s e-mail address so that I could ask him personally about talking to my classes? Thank you for your consideration. –Andrew A. Oakley, English teacher, Warren Hills Regional High School

  2. Hi, Andrew! I apologize for the late reply. My name is Celeste Roberts, and I am a former student of Dr. Middleton’s. I created this blog at his request when his new book was published. I shared your message with him and haven’t heard back from him regarding contact. His e-mail address is davidmiddleton@charter.net if you would like to reach out to him personally. I know the IT department at the university could assist him with Skype. Thank you for your feedback and comment! I hope Dr. Middleton can share his insight with your students. He was a fantastic professor and mentor for me. Still is!

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