Professions & Honors

David E. Middleton  

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: May 6, 1949

Graduate Education at Louisiana State University (1971-79) / Research Trips (–1982)

National Defense Education Act (NDEA) Fellow (1971-74)

Graduate teaching assistant (1971-77)

Departmental record and tape librarian (1976-77)

M.A. in English (May 1973)

Research at the British Library (British Museum) using NDEA fellowship (June-August, 1973). Subject: the poetry of Dylan Thomas

Research at the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin using an LSU graduate school summer research grant (April, 1974)

Attended the first Dylan Thomas Summer School at the University of Swansea in Swansea, Wales, 20-27 July 1974

Passed written and oral exams for the Ph.D. in English with a minor in Latin (April, 1976 and February-March, 1977)

GPA for all graduate work: 4.0

Won a regional election as graduate student delegate to the Assembly of the Modern Language Association (MLA) in December, 1978. Term of office: 1979-81.

Research at the Bodleian Library (Oxford) on Dylan Thomas (May, 1978)

Attended the Wallace Stevens Centenary at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (27-29 September 1979)

Research at the Sterling Library of the University of London on the poetry of T. Sturge Moore (May-June, 1982)

Dissertation: “Subject-Object Relations: The Romantic Version of an Epistemological Problem and Its Transformation in the Poetry of Dylan Thomas.”

Ph.D. in English (December, 1979)

Grants and honors:

NDEA Fellowship (1971-74)

LSU graduate school research grant (1974)

Delegate to MLA Assembly (1979-81)

Nicholls State University Research Council Grant (1982) for work on T. Sturge Moore

Named Distinguished Service Professor (1989–)

The Burning Fields (1991) nominated by LSU Press for the Pulitzer Prize

Named Poet-in-Residence (1992–)

Named Governor’s Appointee to the board of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH) by Governor Edwin Edwards (1994 for 1995-97 term)’

“The New Classicists: David Middleton.” David Middleton Special Issue of Hellas: A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities  (national journal) with many of my poems and two statements on my poetics. Editor: Gerald Harnett.

Recognized at the 1998 LEH Humanities Awards Banquet at the Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge for six years’ service on the LEH board (1991-97)

Who’s Who in America’s Teachers (1996; nominated by Kelly Rodrigue of Nicholls State University); second nomination 2004

Board member (1997–2007), The Anglican Theological Review (international Theological Journal headquartered at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Northwestern University, Evanston/Chicago, Illinois)

Award from The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities for six years (1991-97) of Service on the LEH Board (April 17, 1998, Governor’s Mansion, Baton Rouge)

Member of the Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church – elected on 14 November 1998 at the annual meeting, General Theological Seminary, New York City.

The Guild is composed of about 75 members nationwide, Episcopal laypersons who have attained a national reputation in their respective fields. Late members include the poet W.H. Auden and  southern scholar/editor Cleanth Brooks.) My nominator was the Rev. Dr. J. Robert Wright, St. Mark’s Professor of Ecclesiastical History at The General Theological Seminary and Historiographer of the Episcopal Church.

LEH Publication Grant ($2500) for In Light Apart: The Achievement of John Finlay (the Aldine Press, 1999), essays by various hands, edited by D. Middleton.

Statewide competitive grant, Nicholls State University Research Council Grant ($2500) in 1999 for In Light Apart. Competitive grant.

Beyond the Chandeleurs (1999) nominated by LSU Press for the Pulitzer Prize

State of Louisiana Division of the Arts Writer’s Fellowship (Poetry/$5000) for 2000. This is a statewide competitive grant. Only one is awarded each year for poetry. The poetry is judged anonymously by a statewide panel of scholars and poets.

Invited discussant in the May 1999 Liberty Fund Seamus Heaney Colloquium, Prouts Neck, Maine (1 of 15 nationwide)

Invited discussant at the June 2000 Liberty Fund Thoreau Colloquium in Concord, Massachusetts (1 of 15 nationwide)

Invited discussant at the May 2000 Liberty Fund John Milton Colloquium in Savannah, Georgia (1 of 15 nationwide)

Alumnus of the Year from The College of Liberal Arts, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana, October 2001. Competitive selection by a university committee.

Nicholls Golden Apple award in the Fall of 2003 for my decade of service as Chair of the Fletcher Lecture Series which allows Nicholls students the opportunity to hear and speak personally with nationally or even internationally known scholars and creative writers.

Alcee Fortier Distinguished Professor (2003 — ) [Nicholls’ highest academic award]

The Language of the Heart (Louisiana Literature Press, 2003, poetry chapbook). Named the Best Book of Verse by a Louisianian for 2003 by Greg Langley, Book Review Editor for The Advocate (Baton Rouge)

Two poems selected as among the fifty best in the English and American traditions on the subjects of grief, sorrow, and consolation and published the anthology Give Sorrow Words (Bristol, England, Goldney Books, 2004), edited by Jan Carleton. [Other contributors: Auden, Shakespeare, Hardy, Christina Rossetti, Wordsworth, Byron, Tennyson, Pound, Larkin, C.S. Lewis, Housman, Wilde, Stevens, Dickinson]

The Allen Tate Award from The Sewanee Review (America’s oldest literary quarterly, founded in. 1892) for best verse in that journal for 2005.

The Governor’s Award as Professional Artist of the Year for 2006 (for poetry). November 8, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

December 2010 — served on LEH State Poet Laureate Selection Committee; I also served in 2002 on the first such LEH selection committe

December-January 2010 — final judge for first book of verse on U. of Evansville Press (Bill Baer)

Employment / ranks and titles: (1971-2006)

Graduate teaching assistant at LSU (1971-77)

Instructor of English at Nicholls State University [NSU] (1977-79)

Assistant Professor at NSU (1979-84)

Associate Professor at NSU (1984-88)

Professor at NSU (1988 –)

Distinguished Service Professor at NSU (1989 –)

Poet-in-Residence at NSU (1992 –)

Alcee Fortier Distinguished Professor at NSU (2003 –)

Head of the Department of Languages and Literature at NSU (2005–2010)

Professor Emeritus of English (January 2011 – present)

Teaching Experience at Nicholls State University

I have taught the following courses at Nicholls:

English 003, 101, 102, 266, 251, 252, 255, 256, 300-01-02, 335, 357, 362 (modern poetry and drama, no longer in catalogue as such but replaced by 361, modern poetry), 363, 375 (world literature, second half, no longer in catalogue), 501.

Essentially, these classes cover freshman composition, sophomore composition, the sophomore survey of British literature, the sophomore survey of literary genres, independent study, the Romantics, the Victorians, modern British and American poetry, and modern fiction. My major fields of interest are modern poetry and nineteenth-century British literature.

Merit in Teaching: I have been awarded the highest merit points possible in teaching every year but one since I began teaching at Nicholls in 1977, that is, 25 out of 26 years.

I was also included in Who’s Who in America’s Teachers (1996, 2004/see above under Grants and Honors).

 Professional service while at Nicholls:

Principal faculty advisor to Mosaic, the campus literary magazine (1977-88)

Advisor to the English Society (1977-84; 1995-97)

Chairman, the Fletcher Lecture Series (1994–2003); member of the committee for the series (1986– ). Lecturers I was primarily responsible for securing for the series: Lewis P. Simpson, Donald E. Stanford, Edgar Bowers, X.J. Kennedy, Fred Chappell, Timothy Steele — all nationally or internationally known figures.

Under my chairmanship, we raised our endowment from $80,000 to $130,000 through ticket sales to our annual chef’s benefit, outright donations, and investment of funds which I personally oversaw. The lecture series also moved from being locally and regionally known to being a nationally recognized lectureship in American Literature.

Chairman, departmental SACS Report (1993-5)

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH): board member (first term, 1992-4; second term, as a Governor’s Appointee to the board, 1995-97).

I have served on the following LEH committees: review committee for general grants, review committee for mini-grants, humanist of the year award committee, nominating committee, executive committee. I successfully nominated Dr. Donald E. Stanford, former editor of The Southern Review (LSU), as the LEH Humanist of the Year for 1993 and also successfully nominated Dr. James A. Cowan in 1997 for an LEH Special Award in the Humanities for his leadership as the first chair of The Fletcher Lecture Series (1984-94).

LEH fund-raising: $1000+ per year for six years. I still serve as an occasional outside grants evaluator for the LEH (2003 and 2004)

LEH Outside Evaluator for the 2004 Louisiana Festival of the Book (Baton Rouge)

Other NSU committees I have served on or am currently serving on: research council, library director search committee, Toups Chair committee, library, curriculum review, honors English, SACS committees for the 1984 visit, summer school committee, peer review committee (arts and sciences), curriculum committee; department head search committee (1996-97);  departmental advisory committee; chair, College of Arts and Sciences peer review committee (1999); Jubilee Committee (1998–2003); chair, College of Arts and Sciences Tenure and Promotion Handbook Committee (2004-05), Academic advising for English majors: (1994 –)

State of Louisiana, Division of the Arts, Grants Review Panel for Literature (1991, 1992)

Literary Executor (1991 –) for John Finlay (1941-91) — Alabama poet, essayist.

As literary executor for John Finlay, I have placed his previously unpublished poems and essays in The Hudson Review, The Southern Review, Explorations, Drastic Measures, and The Epigrammatist. I edited the following chapbooks or books either for Finlay or at the request of his heirs: A Garland for John Finlay (Blue Heron Press, 1990; one poem each by twenty English and American poets, an essay on Finlay’s critical prose, comments on his verse, and a bibliography of works by and about Finlay through 1991); A Prayer to the Father: Poetry and Prose by John Finlay (Blue Heron Press, 1992; previously unpublished poems found among Finlay’s papers along with selected entries from his journals); Mind and Blood: The Collected Poems of John Finlay (John Daniel & Company, 1992; with an introduction by me); Hermetic Light: Essays on the Gnostic Spirit in Modern Literature and Thought (Daniel, 1994; with an introduction by Lewis P. Simpson and an afterword-essay by me.

Finlay’s books have been favorably reviewed in the following journals: The Southern Review, The Sewanee Review, Explorations, Louisiana Literature, Negative Capability, PN Review (England), South Central Review, The South Carolina Review, Alabama Arts, The Classical Outlook (U. of Georgia, Athens, Georgia).

I also assembled Finlay’s papers and established The John Finlay Papers in the Archives at Louisiana State University.

Mind and Blood won a special award in 1993 as the outstanding book of poetry by an Alabamian. This award was given by the Poetry Society of Alabama. In Light Apart: The Achievement of John Finlay (The Aldine Press, 1999), edited by me.

Poets and Writers Conference (NSU): reader and an evaluator of student work (Spring, 1999)

Outside reader for poetry manuscripts for the University of Nevada Press (1996– )

Outside reader of books on poetics for LSU Press (2004–)

Served on the Governor’s Panel (October 2003) to choose the next state Poet Laureate for Louisiana. [Note: It was at my suggestion during my 1991-97 terms as an LEH board member that the state poet laureate be peer-selected.]

Papers Delivered, Introductions, Poetry Readings:


“Dylan Thomas’s ‘Author’s Prologue’: The Ultimate Kingdom.” South Central Modern Language Association (New Orleans, 1975)

“Absent and Dead: Mr. Abel Newsome and the Concept of Youth and Age in The Ambassadors by Henry James.” SCMLA (New Orleans, 1979)

“From Darkness to Light: One Anglican’s Journey in Verse,” a paper delivered before The Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church, The General Theological Seminary, New York City, November 2000. An abbreviated version of this paper appeared in The Living Church (13 May 2001).

“On Poetry, Poetry Editing, and The Anglican Frame of Mind,” a paper delivered at the Guild of Scholars meeting in New York City in November of 2003. An abbreviated version of this paper appeared in The Anglican (April 2004).

The Habitual Peacefulness of Gruchy: Poems After Pictures by J.-F. Millet: a reading with commentary. Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church. New York City. 11 November 2006.

A paper on The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (November 30, 1864) and the treatment of that battle in poems by three southern poets – Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, and myself. The Abbeville Institute (July 2012) Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

A paper on the life and verse of Wilmer Mills. Louisiana Studies Association. September 2012, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Written introductions:

Donald E. Stanford as Fletcher Lecturer at NSU (April, 1991)

Donald E. Stanford as LEH Humanist of the Year (December, 1993, New Orleans)

–a separate introduction–

Edgar Bowers as Fletcher Lecturer at NSU (April, 1994)

Timothy Steele as Fletcher Lecturer (March 2000)

–two separate introductions for Steele as scholar and as poet

Julie Lane – as keynote speaker at the September 2011 meeting of the Louisiana Studies Association

Interviews conducted:

Catharine Savage Brosman [poet] (The Louisiana English Journal, Spring 1998)

Darrell Bourque [poet] (The Louisiana English Journal, Spring 1999)

Poetry readings:

SCMLA Poets Group (San Antonio, October 1990)

Poets Panel at the 1991 Fletcher Lecture at NSU (April, 1991)

Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, Louisiana) as the 1992 Frances Fletcher Lecturer at Tech (April, 1992)

Deep South Writers Conference (University of Southwestern Louisiana, September, 1992)

Tennessee Williams Festival (New Orleans, March, 1993)

The Literary Forum of Bastrop, Louisiana (Bastrop, February 1994)

Thibodaux Literary Club (April, 1994)

Lafourche Parish Library Children’s Literary Awards Night (April, 1994)

The English Society of NSU (April, 1994)

Evergreen Junior High School (Houma, Louisiana, October, 1994)

LSU-Eunice/Louisiana English Journal Poets (28 April 1995)

Evergreen Junior High School (10 November 1995)

Grace Church, St. Francisville (March 2/3, 1996)

Centenary College (26 October 1996 — workshop in formalist verse/reading)

The Terrebonne Literary Society (7 November 1996)

Lafourche Parish Library, 16 April 1997

South Central Conference on Christianity and Literature (SCCCL) 31 January 1997 at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana

The Thibodaux Music Club (9 April 1997)

Thomas More College, Manchester, New Hampshire (11 April 1997)

The Anglican Theological Review, annual board meeting, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois, a 45-minute presentation entitled

“Stars at Noon: Christian Poetry in a Secular Age — a Reading with Commentary,” 4 October 1997.

Poetry-Fiction Reading and Workshop, Nicholls State University, 7 March 1998

Saline High School (Saline, Bienville Parish Louisiana) 6 April 1998 –readings to six classes; written critiques of student verse

Audubon Print Exhibit Poetry Reading, Ellender Memorial Library, Nicholls State University, 15 April 1998

Read my poem “At the Grave of General Francis T. Nicholls” as part of the opening ceremonies for the 50th anniversary celebration of Nicholls State University and the first Jubilee: A Celebration of the Arts and Humanities (St. John’s Episcopal Church, Thibodaux, Louisiana, 1998)

Read my poem “Campus” [on the beautifully landscaped Nicholls campus] in the spring of 1999 to open the second Jubilee (St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, Nicholls State University)

Jubilee Arts and Humanities Festival (Nicholls State University, April 1999)

LSU-Eunice, 24 February 1999

LSU-Shreveport (March, 2000)

Louisiana Tech University (April, 2000)

Jubilee 2000, Nicholls State University

State of Louisiana First Annual Festival of the Book (Baton Rouge, 2 November 2003)–one of a selected number of invited participants

South Central Conference of Christianity and Literature (Our Lady of Holy Cross College, New Orleans, March 14, 2003)

Acadiana Writers Guild annual conference, Lafayette, March 21-22, 2003–two poetry workshops and a reading

Jubilee 2003, Nicholls State University

LCTE 31 October 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Fortnightly Literary Club, New Iberia, Louisiana 12 January 2004

First Poet invited to read in the Leo Marcello Memorial Poetry Series at McNeese State University (16 September 2006)

Jubilee 2007, Nicholls State University

The Louisiana Festival of the Book (November 2008)

The University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana  (11 September 2008)

The Louisiana Festival of the Book, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4 October 2008)

The University of the South (Sewanee) Sewanee, Tennessee (9 October 2008).

Jubilee’s Jambalaya Literary Day. Houma, LA. 9 April 2010. Millet Ekphrastic Panel/reading. Numerous other readings of my verse or informal introductions of other speaker for Jambalaya over the years — April 2012: Moderator of a panel with Darrell Bourque and Julie Kane on the Poet Laureateship of Louisiana.

Books and chapbooks [nine collections — all poetry]:

Reliquiae. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth Press, 1983. [chapbook]

Under the Linden Tree. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth Press, 1985. [chapbook]

The Burning Fields. Baton Rouge and London: LSU Press, 1991. [full-length collection of poems]

As Far As Light Remains. Omaha, Nebraska: The Cummington Press, 1993. [chapbook, cloth]  printed by one of America’s foremost publishers of fine handmade books, Harry Duncan.

Bonfires on the Levee. Thibodaux: Blue Heron Press, 1996. [chapbook along with pen-and-ink sketches by my late father, David V. Middleton, Jr.]

Beyond the Chandeleurs (LSU Press, 1999) [full-length collection]

The Undivided Realm (Robert L. Barth Press, 2000) [chapbook]

The Language of the Heart (Louisiana Literature Press) 2003 [chapbook]

The Habitual Peacefulness of Gruchy: Poems After Pictures by J.-F. Millet. LSU Press, November 2005 [full-length collection]

The Fiddler of Driskill Hill: Poems (full-length collection — poems set in Louisiana, North and South) LSU Press, forthcoming in Fall 2013


T. Sturge Moore: Twenty-Three Poems. Edited and with a brief essay by me. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth Press, 1984.

T. Sturge Moore: Medea, The Serpent, A Torrent. Edited by me and with a previously unpublished photograph of Moore. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth Press,1988.

The Classical Outlook  Montclair University. Upper Montclair, New Jersey). An international classics quarterly founded in 1922 (poetry editor, 1988 –).

Explorations (Flora Levy Lecture Series, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana). This is an annual of essays, reviews, fiction, and poetry.

I served on the editorial advisory board (1994 -95).

Blue Heron Press Poetry Chapbook Series (Thibodaux, Louisiana). I served as editor of the series. We published two chapbooks of verse each year (spring and fall), normally verse written by poets with a Louisiana connection. Our first two chapbooks were Lewis P. Simpson, The Circus by the Cemetery (Spring, 1995) and John P. Doucet, A Local Habitation and a Name (Fall, 1995). I offer my services as editor gratis. My own chapbook mentioned above, Bonfires on the Levee, is not a part of the series I edit; rather, it is a collection which was commissioned by the publisher, Carolyn Gorman, a year or more before she approached me to edit a series for her.

[See also Literary Executor for John Finlay, under service]

Hellas: A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities (senior editor for modern poetry studies 1996-99)

Louisiana English Journal (poetry editor, 1996–2000)

The Anglican Theological Review (poetry editor, 1997–2007 international quarterly, founded in 1918

Modern Age (poetry editor 2008–) national quarterly, founded 1957.

The American Tragedies: a chronology of six poems by John Finlay, edited and with an Afterword by David Middleton. Robert L. Barth Press, 1997.

Interview: ”An Interview with David Middleton, Poet” by Olivia Pass in The Louisiana English Journal 4.1 (1997): 50-56.

Interview: recorded on September 11, 2008 at The University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana by Dr. William, Baer for the Vol IV, Issue 1 2009 issue of MEASURE in which I was the featured poet.

New poem: “On Going Home.”

Reprinted poems: The Sunday School Lesson, The Maker in Lent, The Vision, R.I.P. (Old Harridan), Of Textual Editing.

Eulogy for Don Stanford [Dr. Donald E. Stanford] delivered in Baton Rouge on Saturday, September 12, 1998 at the memorial service, Rabenhorst Funeral Home. Stanford was editor of The Southern Review (1963-1983) and LEH Humanist of the Year for 1993.

In Light Apart: The Achievement of John Finlay (The Aldine Press, 1999). Essays and Verse by various hands including nationally known scholars/poets such as Edgar Bowers, Lewis P. Simpson, X.J. Kennedy, and Clive Wilmer.

Modern Age. Poetry editor. 2008–   [national quarterly, founded in 1957 by Russell Kirk]


“Dylan Thomas’s ‘Author’s Prologue’: A Debt to Blake.” The Explicator (October, 1975)

“The Ultimate Kingdom: Dylan Thomas’s ‘Author’s Prologue’ to Collected Poems”The Anglo-Welsh Review (Winter, 1978)

“Men in Dark Times: Three New British Poets” The Southern Review (Summer, 1979)

“Forgotten Master, Masterpiece: T. Sturge Moore’s Daimonassa and the Myth of Ge and Nemesis” Agenda (Winter-Spring 1981)

“Vestiges of Perfection: T. Sturge Moore’s Daimonassa” The Southern Review (Winter, 1983)

“T. Sturge Moore” in The Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Poets, 1880-1914, edited by Donald E. Stanford. Detroit: Gale Research, 1983.

“Dick Davis” in the DLB volume Poets of Great Britain and Ireland Since 1960, edited by Vincent Sherry. Detroit: Gale Research, 1985.Vol. 1.

“Clive Wilmer” in the DLB volume Poets of Great Britain and Ireland Since 1960, edited by Vincent Sherry. Vol. 2. [see previous entry]

“T. Sturge Moore” in T. Sturge Moore: Twenty-Three Poems (Robert L. Barth Press,1984.)

“With Constant Light: The Poetry of John Finlay” [review-essay] The Southern Review (Spring, 1985, 50th anniversary issue).

“The Classic Mind Restored: The Achievement of Donald Stanford — Poet, Editor, Mentor” in Order in Variety: Essays and Poems in Honor of Donald E. Stanford. Ed. R.W. Crump. Newark, New Jersey: University of Delaware Press, 1991.

“Dylan Thomas” in the DLB. Vol. 20. British Poets, 1914-45. Revised and updated at the request of the DLB for reprinting [see entry above]

“Blood and Mind: John Finlay (1941-1991)” The Southern Review (Summer 1991)

“The Poetry of T. Sturge Moore,”  an essay on Moore’s poetry, accepted as part of an anthology of essays on Moore, edited by David Peters Corbett of the University of York (England), currently submitted to a university press.

“John Finlay” Poetry Pilot [Academy of American Poets, New York City] (January, 1990)

“Cut Stone: The Epigram in English” The Classical Outlook (Fall, 1991)

“Measured Speech” The Classical Outlook (Winter, 1991-92)

“The Place of Poetry: A Traditionalist Defense” Cultural Vistas [Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (Summer, 1994)

“John Finlay” an encyclopedia-style entry with primary and secondary bibliographies accepted and forthcoming in A Biographical Guide to Alabama Literature, edited by Bert Hitchcock and Elaine Hughes. Publication date not yet set.

“The Unsurrendered Ground: On Becoming a Poet in Louisiana”: excerpted in The Louisiana English Journal (Spring 1994); forthcoming in a future issue of Explorations (USL) which commissioned the essay.

“’Root and Blossom’: A Note on The Louisiana English Journal’s Featured Poet Series (Spring 1998)

“Stingers: X.J. Kennedy at Epigrams” in Paintbrush: A Journal of Poetry and Translation (Autumn 1998)

“From Darkness into Light: One Anglican’s Journey in Verse,” The Living Church (March 13, 2001). This is a shortened version of the Guild paper listed above. TLC, a theological weekly, was founded in1878.

“Commendatory Preface” to The Complete Poems of American Poet Donald E. Stanford, 1913-1998, edited and with textual Notes by R,.W. Crump, The Mellen Press, 2002.

“The Old Responsibilities: Measured Verse Restored” in The South Carolina Review (Clemson University) Fall 2003.

“’Singing the Pieces Back in Place’: The Life and Verse of Wilmer Hastings Mills (1969-2011),” forthcoming in Modern Age.

Book Reviews:

“Twenty Years A-Growing: New Criticism of Dylan Thomas” The Southern Review (Spring, 1974)

“Green Countries: Dylan Thomas Studies Today” The Southern Review (Summer, 1977)

“In the Classic Mode” [review of Donald E. Stanford’s In the Classic Mode: The Achievement of Robert Bridges] Agenda [London] (Summer, 1979)

“In Skill and Patient Hardihood: New Poetry by Dick Davis” The Compass (Spring, 1980)

“J.N. Sharma: The International Fiction of Henry James” The Henry James Review (Spring, 1980)

“Beyond the Merely Modern: New Poetry from Britain” The Southern Review (Winter, 1981)

“T. Sturge Moore: A Modern Master Rediscovered” The Southern Review (Winter, 1983)

“Out of Egypt: Dick Davis on Yvor Winters” The Southern Review (Autumn, 1983)

“Green Branch and Living Root: Modern American Poetry and the Inheritable Past” The Michigan Quarterly (Summer, 1984)

“Illumined and Refined: The Poetry of Donald Stanford” Sequoia (Autumn, 1984)

Review of Walter MacDonald’s Witching for Hardscrabble [poetry] in South Central Review (Spring, 1987)

Review of Timothy Steele’s Sapphics Against Anger [poetry] in South Central Review (Winter, 1987-88)

Review of The Tyrian Veil and Persephone [poetry] by Kenneth Banks in The Classical Outlook (December-January, 1987-88)

Review of The Reckless Heart: Meleager and Atalanta [poetry] by Daniel Butterly in The Classical Outlook (May-June, 1988)

Review of It Was Fever That Made the World [poetry] by Jim Powell in The Classical Outlook (Winter, 1989-90)

“Immortal Residue”: review of Alone in the Dawn: The Life of Adelaide Crapsey by Karen Alkalay-Gut in The Sewanee Review (Spring, 1990)

Review of The Salt of Exposure by John Finlay in The Classical Outlook (Spring, 1991)

Review of Missing Measures: Modern Poetry and the Revolt Against Meter by Timothy Steele in The Classical Outlook (Summer, 1991)

“For a Literary Civilization”: review of Collected Poems by Donald Davie in The Sewanee Review (Spring 1992)

“Morality and Measure”: review of The Art of Restraint: English Poetry from Hardy to Larkin by Richard Hoffpauir in The Sewanee Review (Summer, 1993)

“The Heart’s Allegiances”: review of A Kind of Love: Selected and New Poems by Dick Davis in The Sewanee Review (Winter, 1993)

Review of Of Earthly Paradise by Clive Wilmer Verse (Winter, 1993)

“The Quietude of Wisdom”: review of Robert Bridges: A Biography by Catharine Phillips in The Sewanee Review (Summer, 1993)

Review of Davis’s book [see above] in The Classical Outlook (Spring, 1993) [a separate review]

“A Rigorous Climate”: review of Miraculous Simplicity: Essays on R.S. Thomas edited by William V. Davis in The Sewanee Review (Winter, 1994)

“Outside the House of Time”: review of Jones Very: The Complete Poems, edited by Helen Deese, in The Sewanee Review (Winter, 1994)

“The Formal Pledge of Art”: review of New and Collected Poems by Geoffrey Hill,accepted and forthcoming in The Sewanee Review

“Through a Glass Darkly: The Autobiographical Impulse in Southern Letters,”a review of The Fable of the Southern Writer by Lewis P. Simpson, (Spring, 1995)

The Southern Literary Journal (UNC Chapel Hill)

“The Graver Muse,” review of Beyond Romanticism: Tuckerman’s Life and Poetry by Eugene England, forthcoming in The Sewanee Review

Review of The Shimmering Maya and Other Essays by Catharine Savage Brosman, forthcoming in The Anglican Theological Review

“With Modesty and Measured Love”: review of Fred Chappell’s Spring Garden: New and Selected Poems (LSU Press, 1995) The Sewanee Review (Winter 1996)

“The Striking of the Lyre: Demodokos in Modernity”: review of three books on poetics The Sewanee Review (Winter 1996)

Review of Timothy Steele’s The Color Wheel in Verse 13.1 (1996): 118-20.

“Why The South Won the Civil War”: review-essay on two books on Richard Weaver for The Sewanee Review

Review of Clive Wilmer’s Selected Poems for The Anglican Theological Review

1998-2003: reviews of various books of verse by Catharine Savage Brosman, Fred Chappell, Don Stanford, Dick Davis, X.J. Kennedy. Helen Pinkerton Trimpi, Francis Fike, Yvor Winters, Ken Lohf in The Sewanee Review, The Anglican Theological Review, The Classical Outlook, or The Louisiana English Journal. [An ill-timed hard-drive crash on my computer caused me to lose the specifics of these reviews, which are all either out or forthcoming.]

Review of The Selected Letters of Yvor Winters in The Sewanee Review (Fall 2002).

Review of Excursions by George Garrett in the Fall 2003 issue of Southern Quarterly

Review of The Imagist Poem by William Pratt in the Fall 2004 issue of The South Carolina Review (Clemson University)

Essay-review of new books of American verse for The Sewanee Review (Fall 2006).

“Affectionate Responsibilities.” Review of Toward the Winter Solstice: New Poems by Timothy Steele. The Sewanee Review (Summer 2008).

“The Craft of Poetry.” Review of five books of or about poetry. The Sewanee Review (Summer 2008).

“The Good Life.” Review of Song of the Line by Jack Gilbert. Modern Age. Winter 2010. 51-53.

“Both Intricate and Wise.” Review of Shadow Box, verse by Fred Chappell for Modern Age (Summer 2011), 43-48.

Review of verse by Robert Pack for Explorations — forthcoming

“The Way Things Really Are.” Review of Cleaning the Well: Poems Old and New, by Paul Ruffin for Modern Age (Fall 2011), 67-71.

Review of Grace Notes (ed. Paul Lake) for Chronicles / 2010

“The Joys of Winter” Review of The North Slope, poems by Catharine Savage Brosman. Chronicles (January 3013).


“Young Wood Urn,” “Ships,” “Fair Meadow Last,” and “Spring of Winter” Who’s Afraid of Being Adam? (Baton Rouge, 1967)

“April, 1966” Poet’s Round-Table (Terre Haute, Indiana, 1967)

“Rhossilli Bay” The Southern Review (Spring, 1975)

“The Hunt” The Southern Literary Messenger (University of South Alabama, 1975)

“Sunset in Winter” and “The Escape from Love” The Greensboro Review (Spring, 1975)

“Reliquiae” and “Earth and Stars” The Southern Review (Autumn, 1975)

“Under Winter Stars” and “CODA” The Greensboro Review (Winter, 1976-77)

“Before the Flight” The Greensboro Review (Spring, 1977)

“Kew Gardens (1-6),” “Prothalamion of the Graves” and “Epithalamium”POEM (July, 1978)

“Rhossilli Bay” and “Sunset in Winter” were reprinted in a special issue on new American poetry Poetry Wales (Winter, 1978-79)

“Meditation in Winter,” “Through a Glass,” “After Turner,” and “The Harvesters” The Compass (Autumn, 1979)

“Epistle: Upon Receiving A Book,” “Reading in Solitude,” “Burial Urn: An Inscription,” “God the Father,” and “Midwinter Stars” The Southern Review (Spring, 1980)

“The Sirens” and “Compline” The Southern Review (Spring, 1982)

“Church Window: David Jones, i.m.” Temenos [London] (1982)

“Narcissus in Death,” “Plotinus on Dying,” and “The Rape of Europa” The Classical Outlook (May-June, 1982)

“The Exhumation” The Classical Outlook (October-November, 1983)

“Hesiod in Old Age” (1-6) The Classical Outlook (March-April, 1984)

“Elegy for a Father” and “A Defendant Speaks” The Southern Review (Summer, 1984)

“Scenes from the Life of Chiron” [seven poems] The Classical Outlook (October-November, 1984)

“Pallas and the Centaur” [six poems] The Classical Outlook (December-January 1984-85)

“Provincial Letter” and “October Oaks” Sequoia (Winter, 1985)

“Shrewsbury Abbey” (1-2) and “To the Demiurge” POEM (Fall, 1985)

“Thomas Tallis to William Byrd” The Sewanee Review (Fall, 1987)

“The Burning Fields” The Southern Review (Fall, 1988)

“Lines for the Dormition of the Virgin” Drastic Measures (Fall, 1988)

“The Conversion of Wallace Stevens” The Wallace Stevens Journal (Fall, 1988)

“Hippolytus at Nemi” [five poems], “The Cliffs of Epidauros,” and “Words for the Demiurge” The Classical Outlook (October-November, 1988)

“Epiphany in Baca” and “For the Thomists” The Anglican Theological Review (Spring, 1989)

“The Naming of the Trees: Odysseus to Laertes” The Classical Outlook (May-June, 1989)

“Making Coffee” in Nine Years After. Ed. Robert L. Barth. Florence, Kentucky: Robert L. Barth Press, 1989.

“The Family Tree” and “Windsor Ruins” The Sewanee Review (Winter, 1990)

“The Vision” and “Emerson at Belsen” The Sewanee Review (Summer, 1990)

“The South” The Sewanee Review (Fall, 1990)

“The Journeying Moon” Hellas (Fall, 1990)

“The Maker in Lent” Nebo (Fall, 1989-Spring, 1990)

“S.J., i.m.,” “In Advent,” and “To the Father” The Epigrammatist (April, 1990)

“For John Finlay” in A Garland for John Finlay. Ed. David Middleton. Thibodaux, Louisiana: Blue Heron Press, 1990.

Two translations from the Latin verse of Samuel Johnson — “Translation of the Collect for Ash Wednesday” and “Christ to the Sinner” The Epigrammatist (December, 1990)

“Johnson’s Final Prayer [in Latin]” a translation, The Formalist 2.1 (1991)

“The Duck Hunt,” “Walking the Roots: To Anna,” and “Embertide in Advent” in Louisiana Laurels (Baton Rouge Arts Council, 1991)

“Bird Watching: For Don Stanford” in Order in Variety: Essays and Poems in Honor of Donald E. Stanford. Ed. R.W. Crump. Newark, New Jersey: University of Delaware Press (1991).

“The Drunken Poet’s Epitaph,” “Narcissus’ Reverses; Or, Tears of the Bookless Poet,” and “Modus Operandi; Or, Narcissus Unmasked” The Epigrammatist (April, 1992)

“Upon the Publication of a First Book of Poems” and “Message from Marathon: 1992” in The Formalist 3.2 (1992)

“To the God of Genesis” and “Upon the Removal of the Feast Days from the Sunday Bulletin of an Episcopal Church . . .” The Anglican Theological Review (Fall, 1992)

“Thoreau’s Farewell to Concord” The Sewanee Review (Fall, 1992, centennial issue)

“Ex Nihilo” [five-poem sequence] Image: A Journal of Religion and the Arts (Summer, 1992)

“Oak Alley” The Sewanee Review (Spring, 1993)

“The Sunday School Lesson” The Sewanee Review (Winter, 1994)

“For the Woman Who Screamed at Couplets” and a translation from the Latin verse of Samuel Johnson — “On Recovering the Use of His Eyes” — in The Formalist 4.1. (1993)

“Letter to Jan” and “Toward North Louisiana” in The Louisiana English Journal 1.2, New Series (Spring, 1994)

“The Rear Guard’s Report” The Epigrammatist (December, 1994)

“Star Trek & Metaphysics” and “Body, Mind, and Soul” in Drastic Measures (Summer, 1994)

“The Waters of the Garden” and “Ancién Regime” in Poiesis (Summer, 1994)

“The Old Man’s Flowers” and “Azaleas in Epiphany” in Odd Angles of Heaven: Contemporary Poetry by People of Faith. Ed. David Craig and Janet McCann. Wheaton, Illinois: Harold Shaw Publishers, 1994.

“Bonfires on the Levee,” “Scentings,” “Along the Banks of Pischon,” and “Lines in Dedication” The Anglican Theological Review (Summer, 1994)

“Blues Herons” and “Black Lake Tales” The Louisiana English Journal (Fall-1994/Winter-1995)

“For an Artist with Parkinson’s” The Southern Review (Winter, 1995)

“At Franklin” and “The Wargamer” in The Sewanee Review  (Summer, 1995)

“Palm Sunday” forthcoming in The Sewanee Review

“A Quiet Reply” accepted by Explorations (VII, 1993 [appeared in 1995])

“After the Phaedo, “The Lay Rector,” and “The Collect of the Day” in The Epigrammatist (April, 1995)

“The New Priest,” “Philosopher in Despair,” “A Brief History of Theodicy,” and “The Seven Virtues” accepted by The Epigrammatist

“A Lady of Tradition” in Drastic Measures (Summer 1995)

“The Kill” in The Louisiana English Journal (2.2., 1995)

“Stars at Noon,” Beyond the Chandeleurs” and “The Heron at the Weir” in The Anglican Theological Review (Summer, 1995)

“On Recovering the Use of His Eyes,” “A Meditation (O set my soul aglow . . .),” “Translation of the Collect for Ash Wednesday,” “A Meditation (O why complain my soul . . .),” “The Seven Ages,” and “The Complete Christian” [all translations from Samuel Johnson’s Latin verse] in Samuel Johnson: Selected Latin Poems Translated by Various Hands (Robert L. Barth, 1995)

“Hurricane, ” “The Family Tree,” and “The Patriarch” accepted for inclusion in Something in Common: Contemporary Louisiana Poets. Ed. Ann Dobie. LSU Press, forthcoming.

“Night Fears: A Lullaby” and “God’s Commons” in Burning Light: A Journal of Christian Literature (November 1995)

“In Acadie,” “Frost in August,” and “Louisiana Passage: The Whip-poor-will” forthcoming in Poiesis (Tulane, ed. Catharine Savage Brosman, Fall, 1995))

“Of Tragic Pastoral” accepted by America

“Situation Essence,” “Eros” Lost and Found,” “Rejected Blurb,” and “At the Paradise Bar”accepted by The Epigrammatist (went out of business before these could appear/4-96)

“At the Grave of General Francis T. Nicholls” accepted by The South Carolina Review April 1996

John Finlay special issue of Hellas edited by me, 1997.

“That Heavenly Country” forthcoming in The Anglican Theological Review

“Of Lunar History” and “Hyacinth Song” forthcoming in Xavier Review

“Elegiac Stanzas” accepted and forthcoming in Hellas (the John Finlay issue)

1997-2002: new verse has appeared in The Lyric, POEM, The South Carolina Review, PIVOT, The Sewanee Review, The Southern Review, Smartish Pace, The Classical Outlook, The Anglican Theological Review, The Anglican, and elsewhere. A hard-drive crash on my computer erased the specifics of these publications. I will reconstruct them below as best I can based on hand notes I keep in a journal concerning acceptances.

“The Sniper,” “The Reeneactor,” “The Old Adam,” “Near Viareggio — on the cremation of Shelley,” “Priory at Vauville,” “Watering Horses: Sunset,” “Faggot Gatherers on the Edge of Fontainebleau Forest, “In the Garden “Flight of Crows” — published or forthcoming in The Sewanee Review, America’s oldest literary quarterly (founded 1892).

“The Maker in December” in The Formalist (2000)

“December Moon” and “Ushering” in Perspectives (2000)

“The Fairfield Gnomes” in The Southern Review (Fall 2000)

“If I should die before I wake . . .” and “Parishioners” in The Anglican

“Winter into Spring” and “Screech Owl in Jubilee” in Chronicles (Fall 2000)

“The Deep End” in Critical Quarterly (England) — June 2000 issue.

“The Voyage of Pytheas” and “Death of a Modern Platonist” in The Classical Outlook (2001)

“The Angelus” in The Living Church (12 May 2001)

“Bust of a Female Nude” and “Killing the Hog” in The South Carolina Review (Clemson University)  Spring 2002 issue.

“The Willowware Shield,” “Daddy,” “Epiphany in Lent,” “Mother Among the Graves,” and “Jogging Through Thibodaux” accepted or published in 2001 in The Louisiana Review (LSU-Eunice)

“Address Book” and “Hunting Birds by Torchlight” in Louisiana Literature (2002)

“Summer Ending” in The Lyric [founded in1921] (Fall 2002)

“The Gulf in Winter: and “Shearing Sheep” in POEM (2002)

“Goose Girl Bathing,” “Woodcutter Making a Faggot,” Farmyard by Moonlight,” and “Twilight in Saline” in Pivot #55 (Winter 2002-03). I was 1 of 16 poets chosen nationwide for this special issue on traditional-form poetry.

“Flies and Grounders” accepted by Critical Quarterly for a 2003 issue.

To the Clear Fountains: A New Anthology of American Poetry edited by Robert Beum (The Dolphin Press) 2002. Seven of my poems are reprinted here. Other contributors include some of America’s most distinguished modern poets.

Verse included in The Yellow Shoe Poets, ed. George Garrett. LSU Press. “Yellow Shoe Poets” = “LSU [Press] Poets”

“Entrance to the Forest at Barbizon in Winter,:” “Winter Evening,” “Cooper Tightening Staves on a Barrel,” “Cholesterol,” North Louisiana Country Church in Flames” – in Chronicles (2003-04 issues)

“The Two Estates” in Edge City Review (on-line journal, 2003)

“The Abiding Witness” in The Lyric (Fall 2003)

“November’s End” “Nightmares,” and “Landscape with Shepherdess and Sheep, Winter” in The New Compass (on-line journal)

“Woman Pasturing Her Cow” and “Johnny and the Stars” in New Delta Review (2003)

“Washerwomen” and “Self Portrait” in Smartish Pace (2004)

“The Fiddler of Driskill Hill” accepted by POEM (University of Alabama – Huntsville)

“The Wanderer” accepted by The Double Dealer (Faulkner House, New Orleans, 2004 annual issue)

“Of Local History,” “In Late November” and “At Concord” accepted by Chronicles

“Edelweiss” in Louisiana Literature (Spring/Summer 2004)

“Bird Trapper” in The Anglican (July 2004)

“The Gleaners” and  “Along the Bayou Side” accepted for a 2005 poetry calendar to be  published in Belgium by Alhambra Publishers (2004)

“Before and After Reading” accepted for Points of Gold, a chapbook of verse in honor of fellow Louisiana poet Leo Marcello, edited by Stella Nesanovich (Xavier University Press, 2005).

“The Last July,” “In Waking Dream,” and “if I should die . . . “ in the 2004 Jubilee Anthology (Nicholls State University), edited by Olivia Pass.

“Farmyard in Winter” – accepted by Kestrel for a 2005 issue

“The Progress of the Moon” — accepted by The South Carolina Review

“Path Through the Wheat” in The Anglican (Fall 2004 issue)

“Late August Antiphon” in The Formalist (Fall 2004 issue)

“Warren in Thibodaux” – accepted by The Southern Review (Spring 2005 special Warren centenary issue)

Two poems accepted by Louisiana Literature for a 2007 issue

“Man of Letters: For Lewis P. Simpson: in the special Simpson issue of The Southern Review Spring 2006

“Of Textual Editing” The Southern Review Summer 2006

5 new poems just accepted by The Sewanee Review in Fall 2006

“Mowing the Greensward” in a forthcoming 2007 hurricane anthology edited by Katherine Tracy — In the Eye of the Storm.

Recent acceptances:

4 poems by The Journal of College Writing (Xavier),  4 by Louisiana English Journal (Northwestern),  and 2 by Chronicles — all taken in May 2007.

“Janitor,” “Numbers,” Bienville General Store,” and “Cypress, Pine” in The Louisiana English Journal Volume 11 (2007).

“Rapture at Twilight” and “The Groundskeeper” accepted in 2008 by Louisiana Literature

“Two Chapters from a History of the Mind” accepted 2009 by Chronicles.

“Lecturer in Old Age” and “The Pileated Woodpecker” accepted by MEASURE (University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana)

“The Vigil.” The Evansville Review. Vol. XX. 2010. 31.

“Old Bird on a Telephone Pole, Old Man Watching: and “Courtesy.” Chronicles. June 2010. 15, 27.

The Vision — to be reprinted in Texas Review Press Louisiana Literature anthology. Ed.iaWright (2011)

The Sewanee Review Fall 2010: Near Dorchester, The Old Adam, Deep Country Epitaph, Near Viareggio, and that other poem under the title “Sacraments of Sky and Flower”

–The Anglican: “Anglican Scholar,” “Anglican Headmaster, Mother, Son,” “Of Root and Bloom,” “The Ballad of Uncle Dry,” “History of an Idea: After J.V. Cunningham” (accepted in 2012))

“History of an Idea” also quoted in its entirety in First Things “While We’re at it” column by David Mills (9/11 issue)

Modern Age: “Chemo Refused,” “An Exmoor Tale,” “Headmaster Leaving,” “After Rembrandt,” “Parlors,” “Walking,” and “Winter in July” (accepted in 2011-12)

2011 Jambalaya Writers’ Conference Anthology: “To the Descended Muse,” “To Her Who Bears These Verses,” “Moon, with Sun and Stars’ [all reprints] and “Familiars” [new/previously unpublished]

The Linker and Old Office, in Retirement — accepted by The Evansville Review (2012).

The Singing Wires, Hand-Me-Downs, Bienville General Store, Home: A Farm Wife’s Daybook, Testament of the Elder Son – in 2012 issue of Arator (online journal of The Abbeville Institute)

Evolving Toward the Fall — accepted by The Anglican Theological Review (2012) for a 2013 issue


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